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    Eberron D&D 5th


    Please direct any questions to Br0k3nilluzion in a PM, and ask if there is a spot available before RSVP'ing. Playing a Campaign in the world of Eberron. It is 5th edition. Eberron is a world full of low level magic. From Ships that use trapped...

    Celebrate our Chapter of the Year Award!

    St. Louis Space Frontier Meetup

    Come and celebrate our 2018 Chapter of the Year award! Enjoy a beverage and snack at Earthbound Satellite. Talk about space exploration and settlement. Come and geek out! (note: each person will be responsible for paying for their own...

    60 minute FREE group workout

    Confluence All Sport Fitness Tues in Forest Park Workout

    Confluence ASF is for people in the St. Louis area who want to get together, have fun and get a good hard workout. We like the idea of using events like races to stay motivated, keep things fun and fend of the dreaded workout "rut". Some of us do...

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    Welcome to my web site

    You can check out the majority of available listings in the area by entering your criteria in the white search box at the top.  Once you have found a home that you would like to see, please feel very free to call me so that we can schedule an appointment to view the home and […]

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